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SzrnFX Free Forex Signals



The Szrnfx Signals are the revolution to how trading signals should work

The Szrnfx Signals take advantage of the “quiet” and less volatile hours near and after the close of the US market and before the European opening bell. This is the time when the institutional investors and high-profile professional traders position themselves for the next day of trading.

After years of research and development proprietary algorithms are now in a position to “trace the footprints” of this repositioning, anticipate the direction of the market and capitalize on it. We are absolutely confident that the Szrnfx will be a highly valued asset for the retail trader and investor alike.

How the Szrnfx Signals work

The Szrnfx Signals are powered by a unique methodology that closely monitors the price action in the global markets throughout the day. Our system utilises proprietary pattern recognition filters along with sensitive correlation markers to analyse the price action across all instruments.

When the US markets near their closing bell and all the dust settles down the algorithm calculate extremely precise and accurate indications on how the “smart money” intend to reposition overnight. This is the professional desks’ trading plan for the next day and it is the most effective precursor of the price direction of the market.

What kind of signals do the Szrnfx Signals™ produce?

The Szrnfx Signals produce simple entry signals delivered via email around 10.30AM (UK time)* with a clear entry, target and stop price. The entry price is triggered usually overnight while the market is seemingly idle and less volatile.

The trade has its target and stop parameters in place and will take care of itself, in most cases coming to completion within the coming day. For example:

EUR/USD Long entry
Entry price: 1.2500
Target: 1.2550
Stop: 1.2450

This simplicity removes the need of monitoring anything during the night or the next day.
It is as simple as “set it and forget it”.

Which markets are covered by the Szrnfx Signals?

The Szrnfx Signals cover the most liquid and diverse money markets globally and provide precise trading signals for the most attractive Forex pairs and heavily traded commodities.

The Szrnfx Signals are available in two separate daily Signals:

  • the Forex Currency PairsSignals, including the EUR/USDGBP/USD,USD/JPYUSD/CHFAUD/USDNZD/USDUSD/CAD,  pairs and
  • The Commodity MarketsSignals, including the GoldSilver, and Oil


This is to produce as accurate and profitable signals as possible.


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